Thursday, January 4, 2018

Published Titles by Archdeacon Books

has published thirteen titles since 2014 and 
will release three new titles in 2018.

TRIGON’S VIEW (2018), Evan Prickett & Rick Chambers
ZIPP: The Life of H.H. “Zipp” Newman (2018), Frances “Bee” Newman Morris
KENYA JOURNAL (2018), Dennis & Donna Read

VERSED BOOKENDS (2017), Worth E. Norman, Jr.

THE END OF ORPHAN CARE (2016), Samuel J. McLure
THE HERESY OF HAM (2016), Joel Edmund Anderson

PATHWAYS TO JESUS (2015), William Wilson
FROM MY FATHER’S HOUSE (2015) Jenny N. Sullivan

WILLIAM JELKS CABANISS, JR. (2014), Worth E. Norman, Jr.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Remembering D. Bruce MacPherson

D. Bruce MacPherson
1940 - 2017

To him everyone was a friend,
Someone to help if in need,
A broken heart to help mend.
A godly man, indeed.

His caring for others never ceased.
His love of God – his fortress, his border –
Called him to become a priest,
And defender of the faith in the episcopal order.

A sudden fall changed things
Late in life for this obedient servant.
It was as if he lost his wings,
His evangel voice so fervent.

No. His Father wanted him home
To live under His eternal dome.

Worth Earlwood "Woody" Norman Jr
Special Jurisdiction of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy
Anglican Church in North America

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Juan Williams Ups U.S. Constitution over God

The Fox News Channel show, The Five, on November 15, 2017 opened with the Alabama Roy Moore story. Why not? Almost fifty percent of the show focused on this story.

But what was interesting to me was an all-so-brief comment (hopefully a slip-of-the-tongue) by co-host Juan Williams, a Democrat and an Episcopalian. If I had not been listening closely I would have missed it.

At about the 15 minute mark Williams said:

"... You apparently have, according to the polls, ... a very close race [in Alabama] in which Evangelicals in the state really like Roy Moore and the fact that he [Roy Moore] puts God above all, including our [United States] Constitution, which rankles me ..."

To be rankled means to be annoyed or to be resentful. 

Really? Is Juan Williams's Christian faith subservient to the United States Constitution? For him, it sounded so.

This statement by Mr. Williams is a perfect example of how "mainstream" American Christianity has descended to, and has become beholden to, secularism. Mainstream Christianity strives to become relevant to society instead of being the life-giving counter-culture.

Who would believe, for example, that "Christian" clergy would celebrate abortion clinics? Last week several did so. There are clergy who suggest and preach that abortion is a "gift from God." What an abomination!

Christ is life, not death.

The large cultural problem is that well-meaning church-goers are not thinking about their actions and/or do not know the Gospel. The secular environment will always win out when Christians dilute their faith intentionally (called Christian Progressivism), or by outright ignorance of the Gospel.

The United States of America was/is a gift from God, but our nation is being abused by direct attack from progressives, and from Christian ignorance and compliance to the forces of secularism.

I pray that Juan Williams misspoke.

WENjr 16Nov2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Alabama Political Conundrum

The Alabama Political Conundrum
(Actually, there is no conundrum)

Subject Person
          Former Chief Justice of Alabama Roy Moore
          Republican Candidate for the United States Senate

What Do We Know?
·        Anything can happen, politically, between today and December 12, 2017 (special election day in Alabama)
·        Allegations of sexual misconduct have been made against Moore
·        The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives has affirmed the credibility of the allegations against Moore
·        The Major Leader of the United States Senate has declared Moore unfit to serve in the United States Senate
o   If Moore is elected, the Majority Leader says expulsion from the United States Senate will be a priority
·        Republican Candidate Roy Moore has not been convicted of sexual misconduct in a court of law
o   This does not matter within America’s reigning plausibility structure

Alabama Democratic Voters
·        Will vote for their candidate for the United States Senate on December 12, 2017
·        Will stick together
·        Are a minority in the Alabama electorate

Alabama Republican Voters
·        Would be wrong to avoid voting on December 12, 2017
·        Would be wrong to “write in” another Republican name on December 12, 2017
·        Should vote for the Republican candidate regardless of prevailing circumstances

Alabama Independent Voters
·        Will vote how they feel/believe on December 12, 2017
·        Are an unknown quantifiable voting block currently

The Significant Differences Between Alabama’s Political Parties
·        Republicans are the majority party
·        Democrats are the minority party
·        Republican Party is generally pro-life
·        Democrat Party endorses
o   Abortion
o   Multi-gender identities
o   Other progressive social movements (socialism, et al)

Knowing All of the Above
·        Republican voters in Alabama can elect the Democratic candidate by
o   Staying away from the polls on December 12, 2017 or by
o   Writing in another Republican name on the ballot

·        The Majority Leader of the Senate of the United States has already stated that he would expel an unfit member
o   The Majortity Leader of the Senate of the United States is a Republican
·        The Governor of the State of Alabama is a Republican
·        The Alabama Statehouse is Republican-dominated
·        If Alabama Republicans should vote Republican on December 12, 2017, then under most scenarios a Republican Senator from Alabama, and not a Democrat, would continue to hold that seat.

Disclaimer: I am not a Democrat

WENjr 15Nov2017

Thursday, November 9, 2017



Eat this
And drink this, too.
I am true bliss.
I love you.

Do you recall
Who I am?
My love never small,
I am love. I, the Lamb.

My Father knows you.
He promised after the flood
That all He slew
Be redeemed by the Blood.

Remember me and 
Know I have always remembered you.
I know every grain of sand,
And everyone through and through.

Come to me
All you who fear.
Come and see
How my love is so near.

So, drink this cup.
Swallow Me all.
My body in you, sup.
Our love. We entrall.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tuesday, October, 17, 2017

To my blog readers,

I would like to announce that my publishing unit, ARCHDEACON BOOKS, today published the latest book by the Rev. Dr. Mark Allen Quay. It is titled EXPLORING SPIRITUAL GIFTS.

Currently on Amazon and soon on the other online retailers, the book can be found here.

We have many excellent writers at Archdeacon Books and I would suggest that you visit our Facebook page @ArchdeaconBooks.


Monday, September 4, 2017

Books Written by Woody Norman

Today is Labor Day, September 4, 2017

Books written by Woody Norman through August, 2017.
Click link here and purchase one or all of my books.

A biography of an Alabama industry builder will be published in late 4Q2017 (in final steps now).

Also in late 4Q2017 a memoir of my USMC (1962-1966) experiences will be published in softcover book format.

I am partnering with another writer on a new biography projected to be published in about 12 months from now.