Monday, September 4, 2017

Books Written by Woody Norman

Today is Labor Day, September 4, 2017

Books written by Woody Norman through August, 2017.
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A biography of an Alabama industry builder will be published in late 4Q2017 (in final steps now).

Also in late 4Q2017 a memoir of my USMC (1962-1966) experiences will be published in softcover book format.

I am partnering with another writer on a new biography projected to be published in about 12 months from now.

Friday, August 18, 2017



Considering current temperaments,
Has reconciliation a chance?
Is there a place for benevolence
Or will belligerence be the stance?

An examination of hate
Is now in order.
Not a time to be blate
Not a time to stand at the border.

Someone must make
The first move
For the sake
Of calm to improve.

With malice toward none,
With charity for all,
The Great Man who won,
Made the first Reconciliation call.

And, it was General Grant at Appomattox Courthouse who
(Received the Confederate sons
And the surrendered Lee too)
Released the southern boys with their guns.

One hundred years later
General Lee’s amnesty oath was found.
The House and Senate sought the greater,
Higher ground.

Gerald Ford, the President concurred,
Lee’s citizenship was restored.
This action should not be obscured,
But observed as a burial of the sword.

And then there was Mother Emanuel
 On that June night in Charleston
When nine worshipers in an instant knew well
They would die from a small gun.

Afterwards, the brothers and sisters
Of Mother Emanuel prayed and embraced
God’s love. Not as resistors
But with forgiveness, that evil deed they erased.

To forgive and to reconcile is not an
Impossible task to achieve.
Sometimes difficult and complicated to plan,
It still requires the first step to believe.

August 18, 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017

In Preparation Thereof

In Preparation Thereof

The word “secular” is a misnomer,
Its meaning now held hostage
By a spiritless sarcoma
Bearing empty postage.

It thinks it’s on solid ground
Making objective truth blurry.
The Seculars’ journey is unsound
Eventually discovered as simply temporary.

Too arrogant to acknowledge its source,
Indignant to those who challenge.
Secularism is intent on utilizing force
On those who courageously infringe.

Secular’s source, believe or not, is the Messiah,
Though that history has been banned.
Secular considers Christ its pariah
Impeding their movement as planned.

In the dark shadow looming
The secular does not apprehend
Or even suspect its downward grooming
By the spirit of the Prophet to upend.

It is only a matter of time
Not if,
That the killer spirit sublime
Appears as a western Berber tiff.

Now when it comes to pass
That the secular has killed its mother,
And its people are suppressed en masse,
No need for the Prophet to bother.

So then, the passing of the torch
From the secular to the Arab book
Was never intended to scorch
Or taint how western society was to look.

Secularism is an unprincipled thought
Necessarily chronicled as unending change.
No objective permanence can be imagined or taught.
It made Christianity unwanted and strange.

So, in preparation thereof,
Mr. & Mrs. Secular West,
At separation from your un-Godly glove,
Offer your neck at your captor’s behest.

August 17, 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Foedus Meridianam Damnatio Memoriae

Foedus Meridianam Damnatio Memoriae

Forget them,
They say.
They’re phlegm.
Let’s slay!

The zeitgeist of the day,
Is the disturbed intestine
Put into play
Instead of mental spine.

How can one forget
Something one says never occurred?
There could never have been a threat
To cause today’s emotions so stirred.

The sins of the South
Portrayed, only a ploy,
Having a run-off of the mouth
As justification to destroy.

The question of the hour
Is to query what lies on the left.
The truth is in their quest of power
Ending our freedom via theft.

Their cry is not about justice,
Neither freedom nor equality.
They say, “Just trust us”
To establish a new polity.

Republic and Democracy
To be destroyed anon,
Replaced by no theocracy
But socialistic concentration.

O, Say Can You See
By the Dawn’s Early Light,
That such a vacuous plea
Brings only darkness and blight?

August 16, 2017

Monumental Perfection

Monumental Perfection

America is perfect!
No need for transformation.
Nothing to detect,
No need for past connection.

How did America become so pure?
How do citizens know it is true
That their perceived grandeur
Just is, and without hew?

A denial of specific history
Or of any history, is their first order,
Propagated by a political consistory
Of self-righteousness hoarders.

 Destruction is the name
Of the game some politicos play
To engender shame
On a certain heritage of today.

Their logic is skewed
When making that accusation.
Their argument appears shrewd
But is actually a history castration.

Without history,
Is there a basis for reform?
Without knowing life’s groaning story
Can a nation calm its storm?

There is no road to perfection
Without a life and its past.
History is the avenue for reflection,
Perfecting transformation en masse.

August 16, 2017

Monday, August 14, 2017

Monumental History

Monumental History

Does history matter?
If not, erase it.
Does history flatter?
If not, make fit.

Both choices are false,
For history takes its course
In an inexorable waltz,
A dance then in force.

Many hate the past.
It, on occasion, requires attention.
Others asked
Why provoke with hostile dissention?

Is there anything civil
About destroying a monument?
Hatred discourse is drivel
Lacking nuance, eloquence.

If physical destruction becomes the new norm
For banning history,
Stampeding fools will swarm
Ignorantly. An intellectual sophistry.

Such a new norm would thus require
That any form of history be purged
Even by fire,
And our past will be submerged.

Right, indifferent, or wrong,
Guidance is grounded in history,
Otherwise, haters of the past will prolong
Understanding life’s mystery.

August 14, 2017

Monday, July 31, 2017

The True Love Triangle

Love is not love if directed solely toward oneself
Because love does not live alone.
Self-directed love is something else.
But see, it is an appeal, a cry, a groan.

Love is not romance,
A human invention
Bereft of life’s supernatural dance
With Love’s divine intention.

Love lives between persons
Both in giving and in sacrifice.
Love’s continuing exchanges rehearse in
Life’s deepest relational device.

True love participates in creation.
The coupling of God with mankind
Births many a new nation,
Beloveds He had in mind.

All persons born
Are loved by their Creator.
This love to celebrate not mourn
Because His embrace is greater.

Before the beginning of time
The eternal Father never alone,
With Holy Wisdom shared Love sublime.
Holy Spirit in completion made it known.

Without eternal Trinitarian Love,
Life and relationships never could blossom.
All on earth is from above,
Making true Love awesome.