Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Faux Taxonomy Economy

A Faux Taxonomy Economy

Sticks and stones hurt or kill,
One transitory; one ending.
For good? No, but for ill,
Enlightenment hubris placed nature pending.

Orientation rests on an ever-shifting surface
With no rock and no stable ground
In support of its changing purpose.
It has no basis, nothing in nature sound.

Nothing in nature is beyond the “he and she.”
Yet a propaganda of Inclination
Purports to be
The gravel of Orientation.

There is no gay, there is no straight,
Neither occurs in nature.
The faux categories in debate,
Have categorized persons with incorrect nomenclature.

If gay is right,
Then straight must be wrong.
If so, which opposite holds the insight
To make it the superior and the strong?

Late 19th century science was enlightened
Such that it re-categorized an act into a person,
Necessitating the creation of its opposite,
Causing humanity to worsen.

Without any thought the bifurcation was accepted
By billions who bought into deal,
Even though natural law rested
On male and female as the demonstrable real.

Taking more than a century to develop,
Both confusion and fear eventually took control
Leaving critical thinking unprotected and enveloped
By a subtle hysteria of the whole.

 Enlightenment science dealt humanity the harsh edict
Creating confusion through its false and ungrounded authority.
It created a sodomite out of sodomy
And gave Orientation priority.

No one is either gay or straight,
No Orientation occurs in human life.
It is sin, that human-carrying freight
When left un-repented increases our strife.

The sticks and stones of gay and straight
Have corrupted many lives through battles.
Had it not been for that concept Orientation,
Minds and lives would not have been so rattled.

Christ forgives all who earnestly repent,
He sees no Orientation.
Christ sees only the human person
Needing salvation into His nation.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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