Thursday, October 22, 2015

O Am Aros

O Am Aros

I claim that I shall always sing
Praises to You.
But many times my singing rings
Much differently, as You know I do.

My mind, however, knows Your crystal fountain,
And my heart drinks from its healing flow.
When at times I cannot climb earth’s rugged mountain
Life seems as slippery as on fresh-fallen snow.

But when I tread the verge of my own sinful river,
With confession and repentance at my side,
And an abundance of forgiveness in my God-filled quiver,
My anxious fears subside.

Songs of praises! Songs of Praises!
I will ever sing to Thee,
I will ever sing to Thee.

O, am aros! O, am aros!
Yn Ei gariad ddyddiau f'oes.
Yn Ei gariad ddyddiau f'oes.