Thursday, August 27, 2015

Today’s Elusive Bagel

Today’s Elusive Bagel

It was mid-morning, shall we say?
When an urge for a plain, toasted bagel
Took on me its sway
As I walked away from my work table.

Into my wheels I drove as if star struck
By a compelling logic
To the closest Starbucks
For a tall java and my bagel-eating project.

“But no,” said the barista
“We’re out of bagels today.”
So back on the 150 I drove eastward,
Heading for the next long-locks Siren on the way.

Upon positioning into a parking space
I was suddenly be-mused
By the store's remodeling at a leisurely pace.
It being closed, I descended into the blues.

One more chance as mid-morning about to close,
Into the Mall trotted I to the caffeinated stand,
An aromatic arabica brew filled my nose,
But there, too, no bagels were on hand.

“Why not,” said I to the polite young server?
“You’re the third store with bagels unoccupied.”
“Didn’t you know,” said the smiling, customer-oriented worker,
“The batches of bagels were compromised?”

Now what to do?
It’s approaching time for lunch.
With so many minutes and miles that I blew,
I’ll go to Panera’s and call it brunch.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Topsy Turvy

Topsy Turvy

It seems our political life
Is out of control.
All this fight and strife
Is getting old.

Is there calm ahead,
Or must we continue to tarry?
What seems like an endless thread
Of bickering is becoming more difficult to carry.

An energetic new face
Could bring hope out of hiding.
Not from the right in this case,
From the left, his time he’s a-Biden.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Love Present and Future
Not one of us knows our future,
But actually we do,
From our Maker there will be no suture,
When toward His Son we pursue.

All that He made is through love,
All that we have is His gift.
In all our denials we shove
Aside His love and we drift.

Heaven and earth crossed in nexus
When Mary delivered her child
To a sinful world, He perplexed us,
For all His strength He was meek and mild.

Enlightenment, modernity, and reason,
Make claim as superior to all.
Self-contained and a finite different season,
At the Renewal they will fall.

Principalities, dominions, and thrones
Claim powers for their region.
For all their murderous groans
Are infected, they are Legion.

Good and evil each lives,
And not simply as differences of opinion.
Good is what God gives,
Evil is Satan, sin’s minion.

Use your gift of reason
Not to resist your Creator,
But to avoid your eternal treason,
And accept the love of your Diaconal Waiter.

'Twas the Day Before Monday

'Twas the Day Before Monday

‘Twas the day before Monday
And all through the nave,
My nose it was a-stirring
I think, of rotten eggs.

Up from my knee bench,
I jumped from my pew,
Ran to the vestibule
To verify what I knew.

A brief talk with the warden
With no time to spare,
He said the rotten eggs I smell
Is natural gas in the air.

He dashed toward the altar
Told the preacher to “take heed”
And “evacuate this congregation
With great speed!”

“But first,” said the preacher,
“There is something to say,
Before we exit,
I think I must pray.”

The warden so astonished
At what he just heard,
Looked at the preacher,
And asked, “Seriously?”

Throw Caution Not to the Wind

Throw Caution Not to the Wind

Recall the end of World War One?
When reparations therein demanded
On a nation with resources none,
Creating a Weimar empty handed?

What happens naturally in any situation,
When in years of strong arm controls
Or, when the people’s House institution
As if a tree, cease sourcing itself from their rich soil?

Three branches of the established tree once equal,
And the most populate the most weak,
Tossed about by the other two as if a needle
Not by wind, but bi-polar power on it wreaked.

Triune inequality makes for dangerous a void,
One branch not using its roots
And leaving a fertile ground once enjoyed.
That ground, like a volcano, erupts with new fruits.

With this situation anything seems better than nothing,
With progressive measures to quell,
The grand old pretenders only bluffing
When feigning to stamp out the progressive spell.

The void, that vacuum, opens a new door,
For a different voice on the stump.
Elated, the people see a new boy,
To the old boys they think he will trump.

Be cautious of the lessons from Weimar,
Salvation pretenders and their solution.
What might look like a shining high star,
Could actually burn the entire tree as substitution.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

What's Love Got To Do With It?

What's Love Got To Do With It?

With tongue in cheek I saw a probate judge today,
To find out how much I should pay,
To tie knots with all those I love,
Smacked I, as it was, by a multiplicity of legalized turtle doves.

The fabulous five had decreed
Nuptials valid through love only, indeed.
Marriage in sacred tradition officially driven to doom,
Just like tortured babies in their mother’s womb.

So, is it my turn to knot my many new loves?
Legally protecting my cats and dogs, even my gloves,
Because love, not children, declared now the basis
To marry anyone or anything in this new social stasis.

What does it matter how many I may marry?
My spouse could be either female or male.
Why should I delay, linger, or tarry?
When I foresee a rising polygamous scale.

This kind of love stops not with another human being,
Its legality allows for different sorts of spouses.
It’s not too difficult seeing
That this new definition of marriage lives in many houses.

With word usage, definitions, and traditions rendered useless,
This new era forms a terror unthinkable before.
The high court has jumped its intended purpose,
By lowering ordered society to the floor.

No social balance, nor even its pretension.
Society’s fabric deliberately eroded
Through a progressively-forced intention
By five justices, a new order they encoded.


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Our Cultural Mess

The article linked to below is brief and well-articulated. It is about the decline of western Christian culture and the rise of the hierarchical secular state.

Our Cultural Mess

A Sacramental Yearning that Millennials Are Craving

I have placed a link below to a blog that I find quite interesting and revealing. It is about young people and their shift from "PowerPoint" churches to sacramental- and liturgically-centered churches.

Institute on Religion & Democracy's Blog