Sunday, April 3, 2016

Only For the Last Line

Only For the Last Line

This will be easy
And you won’t think it strange
That in my youth how sleazy
My affairs did I arrange.

You will believe me,
But you will not observe
How I achieved not three
But two loves undeserved.

I should not have let it happen,
But I felt I could not change.
My driven desire wanted to tap in
To immediacy, not thinking long-range.

First it was Marge,
Statuesque and tall,
Some say large.
For her did I swiftly fall.

In my mindless youth
They were bountiful in the arena,
My eyes blinked as a sleuth
When I viewed the beautiful Tina.

Could this be true love?
How can one love two?
But away they both did not shove
Me like worn shoe.

Then I left them to serve in the militia,
Not really, it was the Marine Corps
When I met Patricia
And I knew to the other two I must close the door.

I chose a new freedom
With one love now, no more fooling around.
To the former two I asked that they see from
My point of view, not to weep tears and drown.

So, don’t cry for me, Marge and Tina.